Container Depot Management Services


At HLA, we're driven by our mission & vision; and our continues commitment to provide the best quality & efficient services to our valued customers.

Strategically located at Benoi Sector, our depot operations are within close proximity to Singapore's main expressways, ensuring smooth access to major ports. Our growing depots, totalling over 230,000 square metres, are fully-paved with inter-locking tiles and capable of storing more than 6,200 TEUs of containers in a nine-high configuration. This innovative layout provides both, optimum efficiency for clearance and easy retrieval, ensuring fast turnarounds.

Equipped with a modern fleet of Terex & Kalmar double box stackers and forklifts, our double box stackers can efficiently lift and stack two 20 or 40-foot containers at a time; stacking containers up to nine high, which has led to a significant increase in storage capacity and rapid turnaround times.

To position ourselves as a one-stop service provider in the container industry, HLA provides a comprehensive range of container repairs and maintenance services. At HLA, we ensure fast turnaround time for all damaged containers to be made available (AV), our present record from gate-in till repair complete was 2 days for shipping operators and 12 days for leasing operators; in all weather conditions. Backed by modern infrastructure, a strong structural repair workforce and IICL certified inspection team, we not only fulfill our customers' expectations in any emergency, our survey & repairs also met the most stringent International quality standards.

In addition, we provide complete reefer containers testing, reefer structural and machinery repairs and general maintenance. Our team of technicians is highly skilled and experienced to handle all kinds of repairs including modifications to any type of containers. Regular in-house and external training are provided to ensure that our team stays in the forefront of technological growth and development.

With the support of a customized computerized container maintenance system, we have set up a highly efficient information flow for our customers by providing them global access & automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionality to our system. We have painstakingly taken bold steps to move from a client/server environment to an Internet-based computing platform. Today, we have e-Business applications available, providing on-line, real-time information that facilitates operational visibility and gives our customers greater control and flexibility.

As we look to the future, we will continue to work in close partnership with all our valued customers and the manufacturers to deliver our commitment to total quality service and excellence.